Cialis possible to purchase over the counter

Cialis Over The Counter
Cialis Over The Counter

Though men do not like to talk about it, in accordance with the public opinion, on an average more than eighty percent of men globally, have an issue of erectile dysfunction, a condition in which not enough erection is gained to maintain satisfactory sexual intercourse. Scientists estimated the number of individuals affected by this condition is elevating day by day as present-day environment contains many factors of its etiology such as increased stressors, pollution, unhealthy diet, and inadequate sleep, etc. As the causes of this problem increase in the 21st century, the remedies are also multiplying. An important drug in this regard is Cialis.

What is Cialis

Cialis over the counter, first launched in 2003, contains Tadalafil. The drug works in a similar fashion to Viagra but has certain differences and as you can say more improvements. Cialis have better results with men, with a high ratio of men extremely satisfied with the new drug. After 20 minutes of ingestion, the drug starts dilating the blood vessels, thus increasing the blood flow to the pelvic region of the body. The dilated blood vessels help to achieve the desired erection in men. Not only the short action time of the drug but also the long-lasting effects of Cialis on the body i.e. 36 hours, makes it more attractive to the customers all over the world. Though Cialis is not the permanent solution to the problem of erectile dysfunction, it provides an extremely satisfactory temporary effect during the intercourse. Moreover, the effect of the drug increases when the person is sexually excited thus, providing more effective results.

Since Cialis increases the blood flow and dilates the blood vessels, it is recommended that it should not be used by the patients of heart or liver diseases because the sudden decrease in the blood pressure might happen to cause deleterious effects on the health. Also, individuals under 18 years of age, who do not have fully developed puberty system, should not take the drug.

Forms of Cialis possible to purchase over the counter

The popular forms of the drug Cialis are following
Tadalafil Cialis is the potent one. Its strong effects are due to the 20 mg of the active substance present in it and it also has the most strong effects.
Soft Cialis is present in the form that is absorbable and can also be taken with the food and even alcohol. This drug is known for the fastest entry and absorption in the bloodstream and also produces quick results.
Gel Cialis is packed with some liquid substance. This drug is available to take internally and there is no need to wash it up.

Cialis dosage

The drug Cialis possible to purchase over the counter is available in 2.5 to 20 mg dosage. The right amount needs to be taken by a person, can be set with the help of a physician. The physician can take all the factors into account while prescribing the drug and can set the dosage required accordingly. The high dosage of the drug might not create the desired results or can also prove damaging to the health of the person.

How to take Cialis

Most people have the query in mind as when to take Cialis. The Cialis can be taken with the food or even without the food. You can also take it with alcohol. But usually, the food with the high-fat quantities might slow down the effect of Cialis. Ideally, you can take Cialis with the glass of plain water.

Possible side effects of Cialis

Though Cialis over the counter is proved very effective as a temporary solution to erectile dysfunction, every drug has its limitations. The possible side effects of medications should also be kept in mind while using it.
As mentioned earlier, the patients of heart disease or liver diseases are advised not to take it as it may cause a sudden drop in the blood pressure of such patients.
Other than that, in a few cases, the permanent form of erection or tachycardia was seen.
While taking Cialis, it should be noted that what other medicines are you taking simultaneously with the Cialis. If your medications contain the substance nitrate, then you should avoid taking a high dosage of Cialis. Similarly, all of the antihypertensive medications go by the same rule.
Some other possible side effects of Cialis include Tinnitus, digestive issues, headache, dizziness, fatigue, hearing loss, and back pain.

Difference between Viagra and Cialis

The drug Viagra, present in the market and widely used for the issue of erectile dysfunction differs from Cialis in the onset of effect and also the duration of the effect.
The Viagra, if taken daily, maintains a certain level in the body. Thus, the drug Viagra cannot produce the results if it is taken about half an hour before the intercourse. In other words, you cannot achieve spontaneity. While Cialis can be taken daily in the required dosage and thus, you can control when to have a pill for the desired cause.
Also, the Viagra has the duration of the effect for 4 to 6 hours while Cialis, on the other hand, has a quite long-lasting effect of 36 hours which means you do not have to worry constantly about when to take the next pill.

Better outcomes of Cialis

After the test results of Cialis, it is reported to be very effective in the solution of erectile dysfunction. Most of the people reported it to be better than Viagra due to the long-lasting effect and immediate results. In the long run, the treatment of Cialis is proved effective and successful as most men have reported increased satisfaction in their love life after taking the pills.

How to purchase Cialis possible to purchase over the counter

The drug Cialis can be purchased by the proper prescription from the physician. Also, over the counter purchase of Cialis is also possible. You can also buy Cialis online from the pharmacies.

On prescription

On the prescription of a physician, the Cialis can be easily found in any local pharmacy. The doctor would view all your associated health conditions along with erectile dysfunction and based on that, he will prescribe the due dosage and form of the Cialis, which then can be bought from any pharmacy. Some pharmacies also provide the services of home delivery which can also deliver Cialis on your doorstep.

Over the Counter Cialis

It is difficult to purchase Cialis over the counter but it is not impossible. The patent for Tadalafil was expired on 15 of November 2017. After this date, the patent for this active Tadalafil ingredient of Cialis drug is not renewed. It means that any pharmaceutical company can build new generics based on the ingredient and principles of this drug. According to the New York Times, after the patent has expired i.e. 2017, the people can buy Cialis without having the prescription of physician i.e. it can be bought over the counter.
A French company of pharmaceuticals, The Times reported, “Sanofi”, can sell Cialis over the counter in America, Europe, Canada, and Australia as they will purchase its rights for selling the drug. However, the spokesperson provided additional information that the U.S Food and Drug Administration will eventually decide what kind of research additional to it, must be carried out to sell Cialis over the counter safely.
The pharmaceutical companies from Germany have gained the rights to produce and sell the drug over the counter also. 1A Pharma, Hexal and Aristo companies from Germany have come forward in this regard.

Online Purchase

cialis otc
Cialis OTC

Cialis drug can also be purchased online with the help of online pharmacies. But online purchase involves risks. You can buy Cialis without the prescription by paying online but you will have to look for the original product as there are many pharmacies that could send you the fake drug and also can take your money. If you have a reliable pharmacy, that you can trust for the online purchase of the drugs, you can take Cialis from them. Today, you can also pay for the drugs you buy through PayPal which can help in buying without the prescription of the physician.

Cost of Cialis

The cost of Cialis depends on the packaging of the drug. Some packagings include the 14 pills, some contain 8 pills and even some contain 4 pills only. Also, the dosage such as 2.5 mg to 20mg can vary. The price can range from 60 euros to as high as 280 euros. The price also depends if you bought it online, over the counter or by a local pharmacy with the prescription.